A New Year

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I tell myself time and time again that I am going to better at writing consistently, but here I am at the beginning of February writing for the first time since Andrew and I returned from backpacking Central America. Click here to view our adventure.

January was a whirlwind.  I enrolled for 19 credits at Brigham Young University and officially submitted my Honor’s Thesis Proposal — The Innovator’s DNA in Identifying and Training Agricultural Leaders in Malawi, Africa.  We leave for Africa in early May.  Andrew returned to his analyst position at Vivint and continues to coach at the Quarry Climbing Gym.   Between work, school, cooking, rock climbing, and training for Mount Kilimanjaro, we have our heads buried deep in GMAT prep books and Empirical Research Evaluations.

Only three weeks have passed since we returned from Central America, yet we seemed to take advantage of every minute.  We moved into Apartment 207 in a beautiful building on Canyon Road and we have loved our experience thus far.  The curtains are hung, rug is down, and the pictures are up on the walls.  Our wedding photos have been slowly trickling in, thanks to Davis Hilton and DH Photography, and we love everyone of them!  Life is good.

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