The Eagle has Landed

At 7:10pm today we landed in Kigali, Rwanda our connecting flight to Entebbe, Uganda.  Andrew and I, along with a few others, stayed on the plan while many other passengers boarded the flight.  We flew Brussels airlines from Brussels to Kigali in a large Airbus A-330 that was only filled to about 10% capacity.  We were very lucky to have been included in that 10% because we almost missed the plane.  By the time we were off the flight from Chicago, we had less than an hour to go back through security and change to the Africa or “T” terminal.  But, we made it!… and we are now sitting in the Kigali airport waiting to connect to Entebbe.

 We are sitting next to a group of about 20 young children from Rwanda (roughly ages 2-14), and the young toddler just to our right keeps smiling over at Andrew.  We love Africa and feel welcome already.  The flight from Rwanda to Uganda is very short, only about 35 minutes, so we will be there shortly.  We will meet Charles Sekirangi at the airport who we will spend the rest of our time with in Uganda.  We are excited, talk to you again in Uganda!
Tips for the next time we come to Africa:

1) Arrive with US cash (you will need a VISA and there are no ATMs between the arrival and visa gate).

2) Don’t trust US phone companies that say you wil have international data coverage, because even if you pay a lot to upgrade your plan, chances are you will probably see the words No Service when you arrive.

3) Don’t try to hug people, handshakes are the proper greeting and they wil save you a lot of awkwardness.

4) Make sure to overpack on the mosquito repellent rather than sunscreen.

  Making Rolex (rolled eggs and vegetables in Chapati)

More photos to come… wifi is spotty.. 

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