Kabale like a local

Wifi (or internet in general) in Africa is nearly non-existent.  I had a lovely 5 paragraph post for today, but when I attempted to upload it with the little wifi I had, it deleted everything I had written.  I will have to rely on what Andrew wrote for this post until I get caught up and have time to rewrite what I wrote in the past for today.

(Below: Andrew’s post)

The conditions people live in have been very eye opening for Kylie and I. Last night we stayed in the home of another local named Kiconco. She was a friendly lady living in a small home with her family, her brothers family and a couple family friends who are members of the church. They lived in such humble conditions I halfway worried that we would be intruding. Despite these thoughts they opened their home in kindness to us. They showed us to a little room with a small single bed where Kylie and I would be sleeping for the night. The floor was dirty, the bed mat smelly, and there was no power. This was truly a humbling experience. We both wrapped ourselves in clothes to stay warm and clean and settled in for the night. Morning revealed just how humble of a life Kiconco lived with her family. We joined them in their main living area for breakfast where they served us hot, boiled water and hard boiled eggs. It truly was a special meal as eggs are expensive in Uganda. We left with many memories and thoughts.

Kiconco outside her home in a little Village outside Kabale, Uganda.  


Andrew standing outside kiconco’s home with her brother and son. 

  A few homes in the village.

 The “squatter hole” used for going to the restroom. 

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