Malawi, Nigeria, & Egypt

Today was another great day at the office. We left at our usual time and walked in the brisk of the morning to area 14, were the CBF office is located. Lilongwe is separated into 52 different areas, and that is how people navigate the city. For example, we could live at 14/3/815 which means I would live in area 14, sector 3, house number 815. That is not our address, but for safety concerns I will not put our exact address. This system sounds very organized, but in reality it is very hard to navigate. For example, area 24 and area 25 are in complete different parts of town.

We worked at the office until late once again and walked home at dusk. We had another great evening cooking from our Malawian cookbook, this evening it was a vegetable egg dish (inspired from Nigeria and Egypt) served with Malawian sweet potatoes and cooked cabbage. We both enjoyed it very much!

(Below: Andrew’s post)

Wow, looking at the day I realized that my birthday is coming up soon. I’ll be turning 25 this year, a quarter of a century. I guess I’m getting old haha.

The best part about having a birthday soon is how excited Kylie seems. We’ve never celebrated a birthday together as a married couple (we were dating during Kylie’s last birthday) so this is a first for us. I’ll be honest, I’m just excited to share it with Kylie… And maybe for the excuse to eat something sweet too! In our household that is a very rare occasion and one I’ll thoroughly enjoy!

Work at the office was productive and good, but we returned home to a power outage. Apparently these are common in Malawi and occur 18% of the days of the year. That’s a pretty high percentage when you think about it. We’ve been here 2+ weeks so far and this is the second. My guess is there will be many more to follow.

We ended our day by cooking delicious meal of shak shuka, a pepper and egg dish that we’ve come to love. I can’t tell you how nice it was to eat something with lots of protein! Needless to say we made quick work of a tasty meal before bed.


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