House in Harare

kylie's post - stolen by the Zimbos (Below: Andrew's post) The Geranios family has some pretty incredible family history. We learned this morning that there were 5 main families that came over to Africa by boat, and one of them was Dean's family. So his heritage in South Africa and Zimbabwe is quite rich. His [...]

Bus to Harare

Once again, my posts were deleted off my phone somehow. I am not sure why sometimes this randomly happens. I am very excited to return home and get a new phone and grateful that Andrew also blogs so that when my posts are deleted, we still have an account of the day. I enjoyed staying [...]

Innovation in Blantyre

Kylie's post - accidently eaten by old iPhone 4 (Below: Andrew's post) Both Kylie and I, while comfortable at Chris's home, had trouble sleeping. Unfortunately a gnat had found its way into the house and incessantly flew around our heads all evening. But all things considered I was just happy it wasn't a mosquito! After [...]

Last Day in Malawi

Kylie's post is missing. (Below: Andrew's post) This was by far the earliest Sunday Kylie and I have had. We woke up at 6:00am in order to make it to the church so Kylie could conference call one of the people writing a scholarship recommendation for her. Unfortunately at the appointed time we were unable [...]