House in Harare

kylie's post - stolen by the Zimbos (Below: Andrew's post) The Geranios family has some pretty incredible family history. We learned this morning that there were 5 main families that came over to Africa by boat, and one of them was Dean's family. So his heritage in South Africa and Zimbabwe is quite rich. His [...]

Bus to Harare

Once again, my posts were deleted off my phone somehow. I am not sure why sometimes this randomly happens. I am very excited to return home and get a new phone and grateful that Andrew also blogs so that when my posts are deleted, we still have an account of the day. I enjoyed staying [...]

Innovation in Blantyre

Kylie's post - accidently eaten by old iPhone 4 (Below: Andrew's post) Both Kylie and I, while comfortable at Chris's home, had trouble sleeping. Unfortunately a gnat had found its way into the house and incessantly flew around our heads all evening. But all things considered I was just happy it wasn't a mosquito! After [...]

Last Day in Malawi

Kylie's post is missing. (Below: Andrew's post) This was by far the earliest Sunday Kylie and I have had. We woke up at 6:00am in order to make it to the church so Kylie could conference call one of the people writing a scholarship recommendation for her. Unfortunately at the appointed time we were unable [...]

An African School

Today was another special day. Andrew and I were able to visit a secondary school a few kilometers from SAFI. We traveled to the school with Ivy, who is conducting anthropological research on the interactions of parents and children as well as the relationship between teachers and students in schools. She is an engineering student, [...]