Preparing for Dr. Heaton

Another day at work meant another great day with wifi, which is always exciting when you are in Africa.  
Tomorrow our professor Tim Heaton comes into town and Andrew and I are preparing our data to make sure that everything is ready to show to him. Tim is a professional STATA guy and always has great insights as to how we can better analyze our data.

On top of that Tim is bringing a book that Andrew needs for work and has agreed to take many of our things home with him when he leaves! He is here with his brother Gary in route to Harare, Zimbabwe where they will both work with Liahona Children’s foundation for a week or so.

I have always admired Tim’s willingness to help others. Ever since I met him he instantly became one of my role models.

I am excited to spend tomorrow with him an his brother. He even offered to take us out to dinner after we finish our work!

The mbewa (mice) dinner was canceled for this evening and rescheduled for Saturday evening. I don’t know if my nerves can handle two more days of waiting. The mice still have the tail and the fur!

(Below: Andrew’s post)

Today was another work day in the office. Honestly I tend to enjoy the days in-office as it means I can tick off a few of the dozen or so things I need to get done each day. 

My big item of the day is prepping the data-set for professor Heaton (Kylie’s professor) before he arrives tomorrow morning. This involves a quick data-scrub, and review to make sure it’s in the right format, among other things.

Even though technically I’m not a student right now, I often feel Kylie and I split the workload just as if we were. Just like old times.

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