Women of the Mountains & Harvard University

So much has been going on lately! Although I always seem to be talking about my future plans, the reality is that most days we are in the CBF office researching, writing, and compiling our innovator’s DNA data. We continue to walk to work every morning and walk back from work each evening. Although today was a bit different. We took a break during our lunch hour to visit the Mozambique embassy and pick up our visa for the next leg of our trip. We are very excited to continue our travels into the Southern regions of Africa!
Now let me tell you about two big events that are happening this October (besides the completion and presentation of my Honor’s Thesis and NuSkin report). I have been invited to attend the 2015 Women of the Mountains conference in Utah and 2015 Intercollegiate Business Convention at Harvard this Fall. I will probably be speaking and presenting my new East Africa spice blend at the 2015 Women of the Mountains conference in Utah. This conference is held the 7-9 of October and attracts speakers from all across mountainous regions of the world. The conference focused on women empowerment, and several years ago even Dalai Lama was in attendance.

I am currently working on aCanela’s first spice blend from Africa and we even have a film shoot scheduled for the last weekend in July. With all the stories, photos, and videos I have captured here in Africa — I am excited to see how the new website and product line turns out. I have met some of the most amazing women here in Africa and look forward to sharing their stories and recipes with you!

The Harvard Convention will take place the 14th-19th of October and I have been chosen as the Campus ambassador for the Northwest region. I am currently working with Brigham Young University to recruit as many women in business students as possible. This is one of the first times we (BYU) has had the opportunity to work with Harvard in an undergraduate setting. I am excited to meet female professionals in business from all around the world, and of course get to know Harvard University a little better.

More updates on the Utah and Harvard Conventions will also come shortly!

(Below: Andrew’s post)

Day 2 of my exercise routine also went smoothly. It is so nice to get back into shape! I felt energized and excited about the days prospects after a good study session and workout. 

I spent a large portion of my day today reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography which has been my first choice of reading from among the other library books I’ve checked out. While as a teenager I enjoyed reading, it’s something I haven’t done for some time. The slower pace and relaxed lifestyle of Malawi has reinvigorated my desire to learn and I find myself in a book during my spare time. 

What’s fascinating about autobiographies is following the writers thoughts and comparing to what I might’ve thought or said during that era. Obviously a silly exercise, but I find it helps me become engrossed in the narrative. 

Unfortunately while at CBF the network died so Kylie and I found out productivity severely limited. We opted to go to the Mozambique embassy to get our visas for the next month.

Finding the embassy wasn’t hard, but the visa process involved a bit of hoop jumping until finally we were told the process was compete and that we could get our visas tomorrow. 

That was a huge relief as border crossings have been a pain point for Kylie and I… We might’ve had a fiasco or two thus far! To have visas prior to departure will help significantly.

After completing the process, we walked the 1.5 hours home where Kylie was able to use George’s more reliable network to complete her assignments.

  Dinner today was delicious.  This African, Indian, Ethiopian inspired city is one of Andrew’s favorites.  Recipe to come soon!

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