Backpacking the Middle East…

Did I tell you that Angela, the granddaughter of host family is going to Israel? Andrew and I have decided that our next trip is going to be backpacking the Middle East (Ethiopia included). Andrew and I find ourselves constantly talking about travel, school, and work opportunities. We are so blessed to have had such a great journey in life together thus far.
Andrew has been doing a lot of research on apartments in Los Angeles and job availabilities for his dear wife (me). We are very excited to be located in the Los Angeles area for the next two or so years for Andrew’s job (after making a 1-2 week stopover in Utah in late August to see family of course).

We will spend the month of September in Boston for Andrew’s training and will be permanently located in Los Angeles starting in October of 2015. Boy, are we excited! We have so many plans, dreams excitements, etc…. That I can’t even talk about them all right now!

Oh yeah, BYU officially passed our request to go to Zimbabwe! That will put 11 more countries flags from Africa on our travel map…

(Below: Andrew’s post)

You’d think I’d be used to poor wifi networks by now, but every time Kylie and I walk to the office to find the network is down… It’s a little discouraging!

Once we established the network was down for good today, Kylie and I enlisted mike’s help to catch a lift to area 47. Our plan was to swing by the church (to check if the network was working there) and then swing by George’s place in case it wasn’t.

We were lucky today and the church network was reliable, as always! We set down our things and began working.

Kylie continued to send emails relating to her scholarship applications, and I continued to tick items off my list. Which consisted of additional research about our travel route. 

When the sun began to set we took that as our cue to leave and we walked to area 14 where the embassy is, nabbed our visas, and went to the library.

The library in Malawi tends to be as much of an adventure as it is an educational stop. Books are hardly ever in order so you have to treasure hunt for a book you want among shelves and shelves of other titles. In a way it’s beneficial because along the way you stop and look at books you otherwise would’ve skipped over. Sometimes surprising titles end up on your reading list! A good example was an Econ textbook I saw on the shelf which piqued my interest in how foreign markets interact.

After we found a couple treasures, Kylie and I made our way home where we cooked, and called it a day.

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