Water, Sun, & Sand

Andrew and I have decided that Senga Bay is our favorite spot on Lake Malawi. We have been able to visit the Lake three times since our arrival, Cape Maclear, Monkey Bay, and Senga Bay. Each time we had a beautiful visit, but the activities at Senga Bay definitely topped the activities at the other lake destinations. 

 At Senga Bay we visited a crocodile farm, baboon camp, hippo pool, and several local fishing villages. While Money Bay and Cale Maclear were both beautiful we spent the majority of our time lounging at the lake, reading, writing, and talking. For Andrew and I, we prefer destinations with exciting activities that keep us busy. I guess we both just can’t stand to sit still!
That being said, we enjoyed having the entire day to ourselves without any plans. We swam out to a dock in the lake, walked along the shoreline, visited the local village market, and spent the rest of the time lounging on the sand. We made plans to finish our data collection for my Thesis and NuSkin report, created a plan to pursue the next steps for aCanela, finalized our travel plans for the month of August, and drafted lots of emails. 

 Tomorrow when we arrive at church we will send all those emails out and update our blog with our latest travel plans. Stay posted…

(Below: Andrew’s post)

Kylie and I woke to the sounds of lapping (waves don’t crash on a lake, even as big as lake Malawi) on the shore. As usual we were up far earlier than anyone excluding the evening guards of the camp we were staying at (Indaba lodge). The nice thing about this is if gives us the chance to explore in peace, without disturbances, crowds, or much hassle.

Mornings in Malawi are probably some of my favorite times to explore. Life in the market is just beginning and often only the earliest of risers are already up and about. 

Kylie and I walked tithe fruit stand we’d visited the previous evening only to find it closed. Thinking maybe it was just a little early for them to be open we asked the neighboring shop about when his friends shop would open. Instead of giving a time, he went and found the shop owner. When we asked about the amount of fruit we wanted to buy, he simply told us that he couldn’t sell until after sunset because of religious reasons. 

While we were a little bummed (Kylie and I were hoping for a healthy breakfast), I thought deeply about the lesson i learned from that scraggly shop owner. We probably would’ve bought more than a days worth of fruit, meaning, the amount we spent on fruit was more miner than he’d earn in a regular day ($1-2 USD). Yet he was unyielding in his desire to honor his religion, even for enhanced income. I find I learn these great lessons on character in the simplest of actions here.

Kylie and I set off to find fruit and after 20 minutes of waking to the far market, were able to find what we were looking for. We made our way back to the lodge area to find the BYU crowd.

The girls were sitting at the lodge eating French toast, peanut butter, and banana sandwiches for breakfast. Some had fruit smoothies. A far cry from a local breakfast meal.

The afternoon gave Kylie and I a good chance to relax, for her to get some sun, and for me to continue reading Nelson mandrake autobiography. As I read about the strife between the white Afrikaners and the black South Africans I looked up to see a precious sight.

A young white girl, maybe 6 years old, walking with her local Malawian friend. The two clearly has no biased towards one another and went along the beach as if their walk was entirely normal for such a beautiful day.

I stopped reading to watch the two of them curiously. Kylie remarked how precious it was to see the two of them. Perhaps a factor of the racial conflict I was reading about, but I found the image of those two young girls, without any biases, preconceived notions about one another, a very powerful image.

As the day wore on Kylie and I did some swimming, some more reading, email drafting, and I even started listening to a genealogy recording I’d made of my fathers childhood. 

Eventually as the sun began to set we went back to our lodge to call it a day. While relaxing has been fun, I’ve found Kylie and I like to keep busy. Without much to do we tend to get restless! 

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