A Week at SAFI

Joyce, one of the women here at SAFI, congratulated Andrew and I on our seven months and one day of marriage today. I am already starting to fall in love with this place and am sad to leave… Now I understand how the BYU girls have developed such a love for SAFI and the people here.
Andrew and I spent the day inputting our data and reading the Innovator’s DNA. We also had time to cook with the ladies in the kitchen, enjoy some delicious meals with the girls, and take a walk to the nearby villages.

One of the SAFI girls named Ivyann has been taking the most beautiful photos of the women here and I am absolutely jealous of the photos she has taken. I have convinced her to take me out to the village tomorrow so we can shoot together an try to capture some photos of the women. I realize that I would like to have more good photos of the women here for my aCanela project.

Andrew and I have also started gathering all our videos and photos together so we can create an “Africa 2015” video of our experience this summer. I am excited to share our experiences with our friends and family! Since we won’t see my family until the travel to California during Thanksgiving, we have even talked about having an African-themed Thanksgiving with them. We would include African food and all…







 (Below: Andrew’s post)

Late last night we received a little gift… 164 additional surveys related to our research. The final area we are studying gave us most of their surveys which means one thing… Tons of data entry!

While Kylie is the primary driver of the research and project as a whole, I find myself often working as the data curator. This means in my effort to be a good husband that I enter the data for Kylie. This equates to several hours of work, but the time goes by quickly when I work fast and keep myself ‘in the zone.’

Today I managed to get all the data in by 1:30pm, after starting the entry process in the morning around 8:00am. 

One major blessing of today was finding some missing files. I’ve learned since coming to Africa how important media is for Kylie. While I myself wouldn’t bat an eye at a missing photo or video it can be devastating to Kylie when one of the files is lost. Thankfully crisis averted, we found some of the missing files is uploaded to her computer, which we promptly backed up to her external hard drive. 

As the day wore on Kylie and I organized our plans to create a video for my our parents- to better share our experiences in Africa with them. As we flicked through the videos and photos we’d gathered I began to realize why Kylie loves them so much. They serve as wonderful mental cues for the many memorable experiences we’ve had in Africa. 

We wrapped up our day by joining the SAFI girls for a brief movie before we decided to call it a night! 

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