Last Day in Malawi

Kylie’s post is missing.

(Below: Andrew’s post)

This was by far the earliest Sunday Kylie and I have had. We woke up at 6:00am in order to make it to the church so Kylie could conference call one of the people writing a scholarship recommendation for her. Unfortunately at the appointed time we were unable to reach them. This left us both a little tired for church (starting at 9), but nonetheless it was an enjoyable day at church.

We originally thought that Kylie was assigned to speak this morning, but turns out another speaker had been assigned. Kinda unfortunate since Kylie had spent a good amount of time preparing her thoughts! 

But I guess that was the theme of today because shortly after I was approached by the Sunday school teacher and asked to give the lesson (since no one else had been available). Since I was always taught to accept a calling at church I accepted without hesitation. Besides, the topic was the atonement, a great, powerful principle. 

Sunday school (despite the lack of preparation time) went really well. I had the class laughing and contributing all throughout (big change for a Malawi class). I even enjoyed teaching today!

After church Kylie and I spent a fair amount of time getting ourselves organized for our travels. We leave for Blantyre tomorrow and then Zimbabwe after that. Then the journeys keep rolling forward!

The time at the church building was definitely needed as we had dates to organize, addresses to confirm, and phone numbers to record. With all of that out of the way, I finally feel more prepared for the journey ahead of us. I know there will be periods of setback and stress (unavoidable when you travel in Africa), but I know we’ll be protected and watched over while we journey.

Once we got home Kylie and I got our things packed and organized as we prepared for the journey ahead. I popped in to say goodbye to our hosts and went back to our room for the night. Parting wasn’t particular hard, but I think Kylie and I will both miss Anaphiri and Angela. They really were the ones we spent the most time with/around during our stay. 

Tomorrow brings another adventure for us! Next stop, Blantyre! 

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