Acanela Travel Advice Show | Travel Advice Show

Several weeks ago, I was delighted to sit in the beautiful home of Chris Newton, dining on a delicious basque breakfast and talking about our love for adventure and travel.  My plate was filled with prosciutto delicately mixed with paper thin potato slices and tossed with a delicious array of herbs and fresh peppers fresh from the garden.  The vanilla chamomile tea they brought home from France just a few weeks before was a beautiful added touch.  When Chris and his colleague Jerry Fuller invited me to appear on their Travel Advice Show in Salt Lake City, how could I say no?  During our conversation we talked about everything from dining on succulent curries in Northern India to gorilla trekking in the mountains of Uganda.  Must I say, I was inspired by both Chris & Jerry and I hope that when you listen to our conversation above you will be too.  I hope you fall in love with the adventures of this world, and that you to join Acanela on an expedition to get a taste of just how fun traveling can be…

Acanela Travel Advice Show | Travel Advice Show

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