DAY 13: HOMEWARD BOUNDHighlights: Flying over the majestic Himalayan Mountains in route from Kathmandu to New Delhi, getting in the Christmas spirit at the Select City Walk Mall as we purchased a few last minute items (i.e. chapati rollers and spice boxes), dining on our favorite comfort food (masala pizza) just before we boarded our [...]

DAY 12: KATHMANDU, NEPALHighlights: Walking through the narrow corridors of Thamel in the city-center of Kathmandu observing the unique artisan goods (such as animal-shaped egg warmers made out of felt), purchasing beautiful pashmina scarves and wool blankets for a price that was next-to-nothing, sampling traditional Nepalese cuisine such as Tibetan dumplings (momos) and Chinese noodles [...]

DAY 10: KATHMANDU NEPALHighlights:  Seeing Mount Everest from outside the plane window on our flight from Kathmandu to Nepal, night walking through the antique bazaars in downtown Thamel, dining on a traditional welcome dinner of dal baht & momos during an evening cultural performance.Photo Credit: Brandy Brown; Susan Manser

Photo Credit: Brandy Brown; Susan ManserDAY 09: UDAIPURHighlights: Shaping and baking four different Indian breads in Shashi’s cooking class, creating delicious mango & coriander chutneys from scratch, learning the secrets of Shashi’s “magic sauce”– the sauce used by restaurants as the base for 20+ curries, and dining with Shashi and her husband on a traditional Rajasthani [...]

Photo Credit: Brandy Brown; Susan ManserDAY 08: UDAIPURHighlights: Eating lunch at the best Thali House in Rajasthan at the famous Natraj Restaurant, Taking a sunset cruise across Lake Pichola to view the grand city palace and Jag Mandir island; watching a traditional Rajasthani Folk Dance & Pupet show at Bagore Ki Haveli.Udaipur is known as [...]

Photo Credit: Brandy Brown & Susan ManserDAY 07: RANKPURHighlights: Feasting on a delicious Indian breakfast with many exotic fruits, visiting the ancient Jain Temples in Rankpur to learn about Jainism, winding up and down a beautiful mountain road through the pastoral countryside on our way to Udaipur.The lovely heritage hotels we stay in always encompass [...]