Photo Credit: Brandy Brown; Susan Manser

DAY 01: New Delhi

Highlights: Behind the Scenes Tour of the Bangla Sahib Sikh Temple, rickshaw ride & shopping in the bustling Chandi Chowk Market, savoring spiced Mughali curries at the legendary Karim Restaurant.

Indian culture and cuisine is a beautiful fusion of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian traditions.  Nowhere else in the world have such different people come together to create such a colorful, diverse, and intriguing life – and luckily today we experienced a little taste of that.

We spent the morning with a Sikh Priest touring the Bangla Sahib Sikh Temple, learning about a world of long beards & bright turbans, beautiful architecture, and toasted Indian breads.  We left with a better understanding of how Indian religion and culture are so closely tied, and a respect for the temple workers who prepare hundreds of thousands of pounds of curry and Indian breads to serve in their communal dining hall (for free to anyone, including us).

Chandni chowk market, located between the ancient Red Fort and the legendary Jama Mahid mosque can’t be missed.  We spent our afternoon exploring the market sites as we rode cycle- and auto- rickshaws (shown below) through the narrow congested streets in a way you never could imagine possible.  Silk saris, copper pots, sweet spices, and glimmering gemstones line either side of the street and your eyes just can’t help but wander.

If you find yourself in Chandni, don’t miss eating at the Legendary Karim Restaurant.  If you can happen to find a seat, you will soon be dining on some of the oldest Mughlai (Northern Indian) recipes in India and your mouth won’t be sorry.  We know ours weren’t.  Highly reccomended from our 2015 Indian group include Mutton Qorma, Chicken Mughlai, Aloo Polok, and of course the delicious naan bread.


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