Photo Credit: Brandy Brown & Susan Manser


Highlights: Feasting on a delicious Indian breakfast with many exotic fruits, visiting the ancient Jain Temples in Rankpur to learn about Jainism, winding up and down a beautiful mountain road through the pastoral countryside on our way to Udaipur.

The lovely heritage hotels we stay in always encompass the best best of Indian Architecture & always serve the most delicious & authentic Indian breakfasts. Many heritage properties in India are mansion-turned boutique hotels that still showcase the traditional furniture, art, and architecture of numerous time periods through history.  Each property can be up to 600 years old, restored to perfectly encompass the history, yet provide the necessary comfort for even the most luxurious travelers and offering a very traditional sleeping experience. Exotic fruits such as guava, sweet papaya, and sapota line the buffet tables in the morning.  On the tables is also a variety of delicious sweet breads, lightly spiced curries, and fluffy eggs – cooked to perfection.

The journey from Jodhpur to Udaipur was peaceful.  We drove across beautiful mountain roads filled with pasturelands where shepherds were tending their sheep, we passed by small villages busy with women in colorful saris walking with their purchases from the market, and we stopped in at the beautiful Jain temple complexes that make this part of Southern Rajasthan so mystical.

Rankpur is one of the top pilgrimage sites for Jain people in India.  Jainism is very similar to buddhism, as those who practice the religion believe in complete non-violence towards humans and self-control to reach liberation.  Today we had the opportunity to visit Rankpur and explore some of the most beautiful & ancient Jain temples in India.  The stone work, marble columns, and perfect symmetry of the temple construction was stunning.  As we walked through the peaceful abode of the temples, you could almost hear the building sing, as the breeze from outside flowed in and out of the columns.

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