Photo Credit: Tate Drucker, Nathan Lemon, Susan Manser


In Lapland, the sun does not wake one up, one wakes up the sun.  With the smell of Karelian pies streaming from the oven and sweet rice pudding bubbling over the stove, we slowly awoke from our deep slumbers.

Flying halfway across the world to a new country definitely invites some jetlag and when the sun stays down for the majority of the day and the temperatures drop below 25 degrees centigrade, you feel inclined to never crawl out of bed.

The beauty of lapland is what pulls you away from the comfort of the bed out into the freezing cold winter temperatures.  But it is well worth it.

Today we experienced a sunrise full of majestic blues, soft pinks, and pastel oranges that glimmered across the white snow.  We drove to the highest peak of the forest to capture the snow-bogged trees that run for mile after mile in every direction.  Herds of reindeer stared at our van as we passed, and people shivering in fur coats and mink scarves scuttled along the road’s edge.

As we departed Saaraselka and ventured further north, we found ourselves at the Sami villages of Ivalo and Inari.  At this northernmost tip of Lapland the peopleare nearly all Sami people, the only indigenous tribe in all of Europe.

We had the opportunity to learn about the Sami people live, dine in a local cafe observe how sled dogs are prepared for races, and even try out ice fishing for ourselves.  The day started great and ended great, despite the fact that once again the Northern Lights did not appear this evening.  The cloud covering was heavy once again.  Instead, we opted for a dinner of traditional Finnish Cabbage Rolls and roasted potatoes and spent the evening relaxing in teh sauna and swapping photo stories.

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