Day 5: Onwards to Ruka

Each day gets colder and colder, yet each day gets more beautiful and beautiful.  We enjoyed delicious Finnish Crepes for breakfast and set off for our next destination.  Our 4-hour morning drive from Saariselka to Ruka was nothing but serene and peaceful -o besides the fact that any car has trouble staying warm when the temperature is less than -30 degrees Celsius.

From the reindeer(s) passing by us on the road to the steam rising from the liquid rivers, something always drew us out to the other side of the car window. We were jumping in at out of the car during the entire ride.    Arriving at our little cabin near the lake’s edge by midday, we were pleasantly surprised by it’s coziness and charm.  Equipped with a traditional ice swimming hole, smoke sauna, and lakeside view, this place is perfect.

This evening we participated in a cooking class and dined on the warm salmon soup and sweet cardamom bread that we made with our own hands (with the help of our in-house chef Kylie and our local guide Iiro).  

No sign of the Northern lights yet, but for the next several hours we will be camping out close to the windows waiting for any sign of green to appear in the sky – in which we will jump out onto the frozen lake with our cameras…

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