Day 6: Ruka & Kuusamo

Tonight was the night.  Our last evening in Lapland the lights decided that they would finally make their appearance, and after spending the following four evenings searching for them with little avail we were more than ready for their grand entrance.

Did you know that the lights actually dance through the sky?  They move with such beauty and grace, almost like a series of little green ballet dancers.  And they are one of those beautiful phenomenons that is absolutely impossible to capture on camera… although I think we did a pretty fantastic job.

For some reason many of our Lapland highlights decided to happen on the same day.  This morning we snowshoed through Riisitunturi National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most beautiful national parks in all of Europe.  Riisituntuni is famous for it’s beautiful hanging bogs, or trees drooping over from the weight of snow.  Our trek took us through a 4.3 Kilometer loop, as we snowshoed in and out of magical snowy fells, around mystical laden bogs, and to a cozy cabin where we lit a fire and warmed up with hot chocolate.

The park honestly looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, with cartoon-shaped trees appearing in all directions.  I can honestly say that I have never seen something so beautiful in my entire life.

After our adventure to the park we set off for a Husky Kennel and Reindeer farm, conveniently located nearby our cozy little lodge.  Here we had the opportunity to snack on Finnish delicacies in front of a warm fire, participate in a sled dog safari, feed Sami reindeer, and snuggle close to the cutest baby huskies you have ever seen.

Not a bad way to end our adventures in Lapland.

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