Tallinn, Estonia

After a bus ride, a plane ride, a bus ride, another bus ride, (1 km walking), a tram ride, (another 1 km of walking), another tram ride, a ferry ride, and a taxi ride, all over the course of 22 hours, we made it from the high Arctic to the capital of Estonia.

Despite arriving at our accommodation in Old Town last night around 1 AM, we were up early and off to explore the location with its gingerbread-styled fairytale houses, medieval churches, old stone cafes, winding passageways that snake through fortress walls and along oil-lamp lined alleys. We dined on delicious meals under 13th century black slanted steeples, and enjoyed chocolates in the warmth of one of the oldest sweets shops in all of Europe. The cool, modern clubs and wine bars are hidden behind storefronts that date back to the medieval period, and women walk carelessly with high heels along the ice-covered cobblestones (which I continuously slip and fall on while wearing snow boots). Tallinn is impressive, its people are hugely prideful, and they have every right to be.

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