Here’s How to Live in Europe and Teach English Privately

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If you’re like me then typing in “how to” on your google always brings up “how to live abroad” because you’ve searched nonstop. My life revolved around that question in High School because I wanted nothing more than to escape and all the advice I read made it seem like a loooong process “You can be an English teacher!!” Until you find out schools want you to be certified, and being certified means paying thousands to take a course (for the record I kinda wish I did this but I’ve always been extremely impatient and would sooner fly to Greece tomorrow with $2 in my account than prepping & planning for a year) So if you’re interested in knowing how I managed to live in several European countries (my next move being Brazil this year) then follow these basic steps. Ready? 


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Awesome tips for teaching English abroad. Thanks for sharing!

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