30 May 2016 Azulcocha, Asungate MountainWow. wow. wow.  I have a hard time imagining that there is any other place as beautiful on this earth.  Today we woke up bright and early to hike from our Pacchanta homestay deep into the Andean Mountains.  Some of us accompanied by horses, we made our way through beautiful [...]

29 May 2016 Pacchanta HomestayAs photographers, sometimes we find ourselves in the most remote locations on earth.  Today was one of those days.  We woke up bright and early from our Cusco hotel with our private guide and driver and headed for the Andes.  The diversity of our experience has been incredible.  First Cusco then [...]

28 May 2016 Sacred Valley (Ollantatambo & Pisac) The Sacred Valley is beautiful!  We spent the night in Intitambo Hotel, right in the middle of the city center of Ollantatambo - a beautiful city with cobblestone streets and beautiful markets.We woke up in the morning to explore the ruins that sit above the town, and walk [...]

27 May 2016 Machu PicchuI have never photographed something so beautiful in my entire life.  We woke up at the crack of dawn (4:00am) to prepare to catch the first bus to the top of the ancient ruins.  People sleep overnight at the bus station just to be one of the first to board and [...]

26 May 2016 Riding in the Sacred Valley & Train to Machu PicchuWhat a day!  After spending a lovely evening in Cusco, we departed early the next morning for the sacred valley.  Taking our time to wind down the narrow roads into the valley, gave us many opportunities to take some beautiful photos.  When we [...]

pearlkillers: day one, Cusco, Peru. we stumbled upon a parade and completely lost ourselves in the chaos and colors and drumming and dancing, we ate fresh dark chocolate as we wandered sprawling markets, we photographed festivals and strangers who quickly became friends, listened to music play in the shadows of cathedrals. there’s a reason why [...]

Photo Credit: Tate Drucker25 May 2016 CUSCOThe crew has arrived!  After a timely airport pick-up we were off to the city center to check into our beautiful little hotel (Hostal) called Casa Elena.We took some time to settle in and eat a brief lunch before at a neighboring cafe before setting out on our first [...]