Thailand was a success (despite a few upset tummies along the way). We dined on delicious breakfasts of pork and rice, exotic fruits such as rambuton, rice congee, and Thai egg dishes.  For lunches we learned to make Pad Thai, Tum Yum, Green Curry, Stir-fry Vegetable, and Mango Sticky Rice.  During our days on the streets we tried coconut ice cream, dragon fruit smoothies, durian pastries, and duck egg soups.  A culinary adventure to say the least.

After another delicious breakfast, we departed Bangkok.  The ride to the Cambodian border was beautiful and serene.  We arrived at the border around 2:00pm (an hour behind schedule) and after a lengthy bus search we were finally allowed to leave Thailand and walk across the border into Cambodia.

For many members in our group, this was their first time crossing a border by land – so it was quite the experience. Crossing into Cambodia from Thailand forces you to see a distinct difference between the two countries.  Cambodia is a much more rural place, with humble people. and much more poverty.

After several breaks inside AC shopping malls and hotels to keep ourselves cool, we finally made it through both borders and were on our way to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The whole process took us 4 more hours than expected, so by the time we arrived we were all VERY tired.

We were greeted into our beautiful Boutique Hotel, the Mango Rain Boutique, with juice, mangos picked from the onsite trees, and a beautiful swimming pool (which quickly became the highlight).

We are headed to Ankor Wat tomorrow, so it is going to be a good day!

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