Once again our day started early – as we are still adjusting to the time change. We set off at 8:00am to visit an important piece of Cambodia’s past, the Siem Reap Genocide Museum.  It was an emotional few minutes, but we were glad we got the experience to take a look into the struggles of Cambodia’s past, as doing so will allow us to help in the future.

We had a break midday to do some souvenir shopping at the nearby market, and then headed back to the hotel for a break prior to our cooking class.  around 1:30pm we set off in our cozy Cambodian bus to a nearby village – the host village for our cooking class.  We were taken to a beautiful outdoor terrace in the middle of the rice paddies (that are obviously dry right now, but still beautiful).  It was great to be in the countryside learning from such great chefs.

We learned to cook Chicken Curry, Fish Amok, Green Mango Salad, Fresh Summer Rolls, and a delicious carmel banana and boiled dumplings for desert.  We each cooked our own dishes, that were brought together and served as a buffet at the end of the evening – it really was a highlight of the trip.

Cambodian food is also known as Khmer Cuisine (as the Khmer people were the ancient people of Cambodia).  It is very similar to Thai cooking – but with less spice and less fish sauce.  We laugh that every restaurant in the USA that thinks it is a Thai Restaurant is actually a Cambodian Restaurant…

Tomorrow we are headed off to Phnom Penh.  See you shortly!

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