What a day!  Fried Tarantulas, Crickets, Larvae, and Red Ants all in one day.  In Cambodia, cooking is only for the fearless, as they have many ingredients that we have never before heard of in the United States.

Fruits like Durian, Jackfruit, Dragon Fruit, Soursop, Custard Apple, Rose Apple, Rambutan, Longan, Lychee, Mangosteen, Langsat, Salak, and Pomelo are common throughout Southeast Asia and are all fruits that we have never heard of before in the United States.  I am pretty sure that by now we have tried every single one of them.

On our drive from Seam Reap to Phnom Penh we stopped halfway at a place called the Spider Village.  At the village we saw all different kind of insects like crickets, spiders, larvae, and big ants… There were even large Tarantulas walking around!

When we arrived at the hotel we checked in and had several hours to relax and then we set off to eat at one of the best restaurants in Phnom Penh – NGOM. At the restaurant we ordered fish soup, sweet and spicy chicken, red ant beef stir-fry, lotus salad, and several other authentic Cambodian dishes.  These dishes were all hand-selected by Chetana, as some of her favorite dishes.

Our culinary and cultural experience here in Southeast Asia has been diverse and we are so grateful for all the people we have met who have taught us such incredible things…

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