Today we completed our 3rd cooking class in Southeast Asia, and I think we are finally getting used to the heat.  We spent the morning walking through the Cambodian markets, where we saw live fish, butchered meats, and exotic fruits that we had never seen before.  The market was by far one of the most crowded places we have been yet – with people, motorcycles, and chaos EVERYWHERE.  We learned a lot and were excited to take that knowledge to the kitchen to learn some dishes.

In Southeast Asia, most of the kitchens are located outside – on terraces where the heat from the stoves can ventilate out into the open and where there is a breeze to keep the facility cool.  Today we were once again cooking on one of those terraces.  We learned a lot from our two chefs.

We prepared Banana Flower Sausage, Cambodian Soup, Pomelo Salad, and Banana pudding desert.  It is interesting to see the ingredients of our dishes change just as we move from Western Cambodia to Eastern Cambodia.  Today we ate french baguettes (vietnamese) for breakfast and used vietnamese mint in our cooking class – it is very interesting to see the use of more vietnamese ingredients now that we are closer to the border.

Everything tasted delicious – once again and we are looking forward to being able to explore the city even more tomorrow as we go and see many of the famous sites, and have a street food tour in the evening.

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