Photo Credit: Tate Drucker

25 May 2016 CUSCO

The crew has arrived!  After a timely airport pick-up we were off to the city center to check into our beautiful little hotel (Hostal) called Casa Elena.

We took some time to settle in and eat a brief lunch before at a neighboring cafe before setting out on our first activity of the expedition, a interactive guided walking tour of Cusco.

Who knew we would stumble upon the Festival of Corpus Christi that only happens once a year?  As we walked down the narrow cobblestone streets in downtown Cusco and into the main plaza, we were bombarded by streams of locals parading down the streets dressed in authentic dress.  Some were carrying replicas of saints on their shoulders, some were dancing, and some were playing in bands… The whole festival was quite entertaining, and we spent several hours enjoying the happenings around us, capturing them on camera.

Due to the festivities we even got a taste of the local Andean Cuisine: Fried Guinea Pig, a variety of sausages, Andean Tortilla, seaweed, dried maize, salty cheese, and many other delicious delicacies.  Walking down a street that was full of venders, we were able to take in many authentic sights and smells.

Moving past several beautiful cathedrals, we entered several more beautiful cobblestone alleyways and headed for the famous San Pedro market.  The San Pedro market is one of the most famous markets in Cusco and is absolutely stunning. We will be returning here…

Our day ended with an evening photo session and a welcome dinner at a delicious Andean Restaurant.  Overall, it was a great day!

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