27 May 2016 Machu Picchu

I have never photographed something so beautiful in my entire life.  We woke up at the crack of dawn (4:00am) to prepare to catch the first bus to the top of the ancient ruins.  

People sleep overnight at the bus station just to be one of the first to board and see the ancient civilization that is perched on top of the mountains above Aguas Calientes.  The entire ride up to the top was stunning.  Jagged cliffs and dense jungle surrounded us on every side – it was absolutely incredible.

By the time we reached the entrance to the ruins, we were already captivated by the scenery.  The ruins were even better; they exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Walking around the corner to see Machu Picchu was incredible.  The midst surrounding the mountains at sunrise made for spectacular photos.

We hiked to the Inka Bridge, played with llamas, and even had an opportunity to walk inside the ruins with Domingo, our incredible guide.  I must say, it was a spectacular morning.  We returned to Aguas Calientes very tired and in need of some time just to relax.  We found a cute little cafe to sit down and enjoy some food and go through all our photos that we had taken over the past 3 days.

Some of the group even had an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding hot springs and markets before we departed on the evening train back to the Sacred Valley.  Tomorrow we visit Ollantaytambo and Pisac, two of the most beautiful cities in the Sacred Valley!

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