31 May 2016 Our First Day in the Amazon

Puerto Maldonado couldn’t be more different than the high Andean Region of Pacchanta.  The air was humid, the jungle dense, and the plant and animal life was absolutely spectacular – very different than the high Andean plains that lacked any animal or trees.

We arrived in the small city (considered to be the entrance to the Peruvian Amazon) and made our way by boat down the amazon river until we reached our jungle bungalow.  The ride took over an hour, but every moment was a thrill. Sitting in such a small speedboat in the mouth of such a powerful river, really made you feel quite small.

We arrived at our private lodge near midday.  The place couldn’t have been more perfect.  We each had a beautiful bungalow, open to the sounds of the forest.  Sitting on our beds we could hear sounds of birds and monkeys echoing through the jungle – absolutely stunning.

We relaxed for a while before departing on our first exploration of the Amazon Rainforest.  We learned about medicinal plants, practiced photographing the light streaming through the jungle canopy, and watched tarantulas emerge from their underground nests.

As the day wore on, we explored the jungle once again – but this time in the dark.  We saw all the creepy crawly insects and bugs that you only see in your worst nightmares – tarantulas, cock roaches, wolf spiders, glow fungi, etc… it was quite the experience.

We ended our day with a delicious Amazonian dinner of rice, chicken, and vegetables – excited for the next day to come.

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