India to Sri Lanka

We finished off our trip to India by dipping our feet in the Arabian Sea, visiting the church that was built by the Portuguese in the early 1500’s, visiting a Jewish synagogue, and shopping in the spice and sari market.  I purchased a traditional handwoven sari, bordered in gold.  Vasco de Gama actually discovered India, [...]

Once again - please read the beautifully written words of my travel companion, Sunsan Manser!“Good morning dear family and friends,Wishing you well from tropical southern India.Yesterday we took a rice houseboat down the backwaters along the Coast.  On the drive there, we talked about the matrimony ads our tour guide, Biju found in the Sunday [...]

Close your eyes and image what a yoga retreat in the Cardamom Hills of southwestern India might look like, smell like, taste like.  What are your feelings, your inner sense as you sit looking out over the dense jungle vegetation, layer after layer of hills and mountains in the distance.  The local equivalent of crickets [...]