8 March 2017 – Cairo, Egypt,

I thought yesterday couldn’t get better – until today happened!  After a late morning wake-up call (as last night’s events kept my eyes open until around 3am) I was invited to join Fayrouz’s family once again around the breakfast table.  Set out in front of me was a variety of different Egyptian cheeses (Roumy & Mish) , honeys, teas, breads, and other assorted items.  I tried it all – including the sweet Halawa spread… After a delicious brunch (as it was nearly noon by the time we finished) we departed for Old Town Cairo.  We spent the afternoon exploring Cairo’s local scene including the Citadel’s Ancient Mosques, Kan el Khalili Market, and the famous Kushari Restaurant (think delicious Egyptian Spaghetti).  We saw Old Cairo from one of the best viewpoints, were dazzled by traditional Egyptian Architecture, and wandered one of Cairo’s Top Souks (Markets) where I learned that I have a fetish for Arabic Lanterns…  In the evening Fayrouz surprised me with a visit to one of the top restaurants in the City for the most famous Egyptian dishes – Kushari, or what I like to call Spicy Egyptian Spaghetti.  See Recipe Below:

Kushari Recipe: Macaroni noodles, spaghetti noodles, white rice, hummus (known as garbanzo beans), black lentils, crispy fried onions, garlic-infused oil, tomato sauce, and hot chile paste – all thrown together to create an unexpected yet delicious outcome!  

As we made our way from place to place I was constantly mesmerized by Fayrouz’s dedication to stop and pray during every prayer call, giving me the opportunity to visit many beautiful mosques throughout the day.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have such great friends – of all different backgrounds, races, and religions.

Still on the agenda – more Egyptian Deserts tonight, Ful & Falafel for Breakfast, and the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA tomorrow.  I am so EXCITED!

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