9 March 2017 – Pyramids of Giza & Cairo

Today my dreams came true – as I got to stand in front of the only Ancient Wonder of the World still standing, The Great Pyramids of Giza.  I woke up this morning to traditional Egyptian Ful (Fava Bean Dish) & Egyptian Falafel sizzling on the stovetop.  Fayrouz’s mother Hannah woke up extra early to help prepare this delicious dish for me to try before I set off for the start of my tour!  We sat down and ate breakfast as a family, which was a real treat – making my goodbyes even harder.  In the late morning (10:00am) I set off to meet with my group at the Cairo International Airport for the start of our tour.  Of my 5 travel travel companions, I met Isabella, Patricia, & Andrew for the first time as we set out on our journey together to the Middle East.  First we went to the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo – a museum that holds all the Ancient Relics from the time of the Pharaohs (including all of King Tut’s Treasures).  It was amazing to see the amount of treasures, mummies, and other items that come out of excavated Egyptian Tombs 0 and I learned a lot about the ancient history of the Middle East.  After we spent the morning at the Museum, we set off to see the real purpose of our visit to Egypt, a visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza.  These Pyramids are located just outside the City of Cairo in a place known as Giza.  Most people do not realize that the Pyramids are located right near a city, which adds for a really dynamic contrast of ancient verses modern.  We were able to visit the three Pyramids, the Sphinx, and even dine at a restaurant overlooking the Pyramids during the evening light show.  Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of seeing the Pyramids, and today that dream came true!  They were built over 5,000 years ago in 2800bc for the King Cheops and his family, and are expected to hold the largest Egyptian Treasures of any other King (which or course are yet to be found).  The history here is so rich and the culture so vibrant – it really makes every day quite amazing.  As souvenirs, I purchased a Papyrus Paper Painting as well as some Queen of Egypt (otherwise known as Gucci) Perfume, as Egypt is one of the top essential oil & perfume suppliers to French Perfume Brands.

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