March 11 – Nile Cruise (Aswan to Luxor)

What an in credible day!  At 3:00am our boat left the dock – heading North towards the beautiful city of Luxor.  between Aswan & Luxor we had several stops planned to see some of the most impressive Egyptian Temples – Ordu Temple and Edfu Temple/ Early in the morning we awoke to a delicious breakfast of falafel, ful, and other Middle Eastern Breakfast dishes… After our breakfast we had our first stop at Ordu Temple – a beautiful temple just off the banks of the Nile.  We learned about Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Ancient Gods, Pharaohs, and more… It was quite the educational experience and we were all very excited to learn so much about Egypt in such a short amount of time.  We continued on to our next stop another beautiful temple at Edfu (also along the banks of the Nile) before returning to our ship to enjoy a traditional Egyptian lunch.  Cruising along the Nile has been so fun to share it with incredible friends.  This evening we enjoyed a traditional Egyptian Welcome Dinner and Dancing before settling in for the evening.

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