15 May 2017 | MorningWe are on our way to La Habana after circling the entire island of Cuba!  In route we will stop by the Zapata Wetlands to dive in a Ceynote and swim in a fish cave just outside of Playo Largo.  What we did not realize about this part of the world [...]

12 May 2017 | Afternoon | MoronScuba Diving as incredible!  We woke up early to depart for the garden of the Kings in Cayo Coco - one of the most biodiverse regions in Cuba.  Our stay in Casa Alicia was beautiful, the accommodations are very close to the city center of Moron and have some [...]

9 May 2017 | EveningWow, what a day!  We woke up early to depart from Trinidad to Santiago De Cuba - all the way on the East Coast of Cuba.  In route we stopped in many beautiful places such as the beautiful sugar mill valley overlook - where we could see the entire sugar mill [...]

Cuba Journal5 May 2017 | Havana here I come!  You have no idea how much cash I have in my pockets right now, because in Cuba - they don’t take plastic (meaning no credit or debit cards are allowed).  To top that off USA Banks do not allow money to be sent to Cuba via [...]