15 May 2017 | Morning

We are on our way to La Habana after circling the entire island of Cuba!  In route we will stop by the Zapata Wetlands to dive in a Ceynote and swim in a fish cave just outside of Playo Largo.  What we did not realize about this part of the world – is that it is actually the place here millions of crabs cross from the forests to the ocean to lay their eggs – a really unique world phenomena that can only be witnessed during certain times of the year.  We saw only a few of the crabs cross the road as we drove back to Havana – so I will have to return for the next crab season!

16 May 2017

Today we spent a full day in Havana – stopping by Ernest hemingway’s famous estate – just outside of Havana.  I quickly fell in love with Ernest, as his entire house was decorated with items from his safaris in Africa.  He sure was a man of charisma and creativity (and a great friend of Fidel Castro).  I purchased his book “The Old Man and the Sea” and plan to read it as soon as I get home!  After Ernest’s visit we made our way to old Havana where we spent the rest of the day walking down Obispo street, and many other beautiful areas… I sure love this city!

17 May 2017

Our last day in Cuba we decided to spend in Vinales – the home of the Cuban Cigar.  We visited an artisan cigar factory to learn how the famous cigars are produced and them set off on a horse back safari through the tobacco plantations and coffee fields.  It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.  On our way back to Havana, we stopped by several beautiful Indian Caves – where we were able to take a boat ride through the caves.  We arrived back to Havana late, just in time to enjoy one last evening in our beautiful Casa.

18 May 2017

After a relaxing morning we set off to the airport to catch our international flights back home.  This has been a great trip, but I cannot wait to return home to all the family and friends I left behind.  See you soon LA!

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