25 May 2017 Mostar, Bosnia

During the early 90s war in Yugoslavia – Bosnia unfortunately was located right in the middle of the fighting Serbians & Croatians. Because of this – Mostar was actually the city that was hit the hardest. From 1992 – 1997 the Serbs and Croats fought each other, destroying all of the beautiful bridges that connected either side of the city of Mostar. Mostar is a beautiful city with a deep gorge that runs down the center of the city – splitting it for either side. One side lives the Muslims, and the other the Christians. Beautiful mosques from the Ottoman Empire and cathedrals from the times of the Roman dot the landscape. Our dinner was a delicious Yugoslavia spread of dishes from around the region.

26 May 2017 Kotor, Montenegro

Today we traveled into Montenegro, crossing the border from Bosnia. This part of the world is so interesting because you can cross borders so quickly and get to a new place. We visited Kotor, a beautiful city on a bay of the Adriatic Sea. Kotor was a city that used to be ruled by the Venetians (Romans) who ruled the world during the ancient times. The city has walls that run up and down the side of the mountain – to protect them from all their invaders. We had a lovely time and were able to return to our accommodation in time for a lovely cooking class in the village, where we learned to make many traditional Bosnian dishes – like Burek!

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