27, 28 May 2017 Trebijne – Tirana

Onwards to Albania! Today we arrived in Tirana – the capital city of Albania and a city that is very different than any city we have visited thus far. Albania is one of the poorest countries in the world – and you can definitely see it when you visit. The buildings are run down, the people are all out in the streets trying to sell things, and many people do not have a lot. We had the unique opportunity to go to Church in Tirana, which was a real highlight of our stay as we got to meet many wonderful people. We visit d the parliament buildings and learned about Mother Teresa and her work around the world (she was Albanian).

29, 30 May Tirana – Lake Ohrid

What is nice about the Balkans is that everything is so close together, and it is very easy to cross the borders quickly. Today we arrived in Macedonia, on the shores of UNESCO World Heritage City (one of only 28 cities in the world). Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in all of Europe and it is absolutely beautiful. It is known for its beautiful pearls that are made from the fish scales of little sardine-like fish that live in the lake. I bought some pearls & crystal jewelry, because they were just so beautiful. The city of Ohrid has some of the most beautiful churches & architecture that I have ever seen. In the evening we enjoyed some delicious Macedonian cuisine and a boat ride across the lake – definitely an evening to remember.

30 May – Skopje, Macedonia

I am glad we have one more day in Macedonia (or Makadonia as they call it here) because I really love this place! The people are so friendly, and the cities are actually quite beautiful! We are staying at an old pirate ship turned hotel in the middle of the city center – a very unique experience. It is very easy to walk through the entire city center, and explore on your own. We once again met with our local guide for a city tour, where we visited mother Theresa’s House, the Old Town, and Kale Fort – all very interesting places. During our tour I found out that the border to Kosovo / Serbia was only 25 km away – so I arranged for a taxi to take us there in the evening so we would cross the border and learn a little more about Kosovo / Serbian history. Our journey has been great, I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day!

31 May 2017 – Sofia Bulgaria

On our way to Bulgaria now! This is our 8th country of the trip – which is incredible, as we only arrived in the Balkins less than 10 days ago! Two of those countries were Kosovo / Serbia – which we didn’t spend much time in! But hey – they still count…

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