12 June 2017 Savuti National Park
Today we had another great day. Savuti is beautiful and it has one of the highest concentration of cats of any park in the world (leopards, cheetahs, and lions). The photos we got were beautiful and I am absolutely thrilled to be here – but I miss my husband Andrew and really wish he was here. I arrive home on Father’s Day and I am so excited to be home with him. Today was a more relaxed day, as we did not stumble upon any cats – just general game / which was still an really enjoyable experience.

13 June 2017 Savuti National Park
We woke up today and headed out at sunrise once again – just in time to see two different prides of lions hunting. There are only 3 prides of lions, and with the 2 we saw today – we saw all the prides of lions there is to see in this park! Tomorrow we head out of Savuti, back to the Delta before continuing onwards to Livingstone.

14 June 2017 savuti national park – Chobe National Park
Wow! What a wonderful last day on safari! After our sunrise game drive and a delicious breakfast, we headed off to another part of the delta in Chobe National Park. We drove most of the afternoon and arrived just before sunset, just in time for an evening game drive. This evening was more exciting than any – as we stumbled upon a leopard with a cub, dining on a freshly killed Impala. We left briefly to capture photos of a lone giraffe situated perfectly in front of the sun. When we returned to the leopards we found that they had been chased away by lions and that they had stolen the leopard’s Impala from them. After we had watched the lions for a few minutes – we suddenly saw elephants and hyenas start to arrive. The elephants felt very threatened by the lions and started charging – right at our vehicle, quite a scary situation!

15 June 2017 Chobe national park – camp Nkwazi
This morning was our last sunrise game drive & it was indeed beautiful! We drove along the inner part of the delta and I couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful our world is. We finished our afternoon with a drive to Kasane and an afternoon boat cruise through the beautiful Zambezi – where we saw a lot of water buffalo, hippos, elephants, and birds. Every time I come to Africa I cannot help but marvel at how beautiful it is here.

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