16 June 2017 Victoria Falls National Park
Victoria falls never ceases to amaze me, I had the opportunity to visit the falls 2 years ago – and it was one of the highlights of my time in Africa. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world – always a highlight to be able to see and experience. One of the unique things about our visit this year was that we were also able to visit the angel’s pool. On the top of the waterfalls there are three pools known as the devil’s pool, angel’s pool, and rock pool – and each of them are open at different times of the year. During my visit, angel’s pool was the one open – and it was an absolute adrenaline experience! We were able to jump in the pool, right at the very edge of the TOP of Victoria Falls – amazing!

17 June 2017 Home
I am excited to go home today! Four weeks has been a long time since I have been away from Andrew and I really miss him. He better be with me on my next adventure!

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