5,6,7,8 June 2017
I spent the last 4 days enjoying Africa, and it has been a beautiful experience. I am in Livingstone, Zambia at the moment – one of my favorite places on the entire continent. Tomorrow the rest of my group comes in, and I am excited to meet them all! I spent 2 nits at Chanter’s Lodge (where we send our student groups), and 2 nights at Sussi & Chuma (one of the most luxury retreats in Zambia). Both were for site visits and I was very lucky to have the opportunity to stay there.

9 June 2017 Camp Nkwazi | Livingstone Zambia
Today the group arrived! There are 6 of us headed out on safari and we are absolutely thrilled! Myself, Tate, Madeline, Elizabeth, Robert, and Lindy are all in our group – we will spend today at Cam Nkwazi and tomorrow we will head out on safari in Chobe National Park.

10 June 2017 Chobe National Park
Chobe is one of the most beautiful National Parks I have yet to visit in Africa. It is absolutely spectacular and I cannot wait to explore more of what it has in store for our group. Our first day on safari was saw everything from elephants and giraffes to hippopotamus and crocodiles, and we took some beautiful photos. I am very excited to go back on safari and see more animals that I have yet to experience. Our group is wonderful, we have Elizabeth, Madeline, Tate, Lindy, and Rob – and we all get along so well. I am very excited to be with them for the next week.

11 June 2017 Chobe National Park – Savuti National Park
Wow, the wildlife of Africa really is stunning. Today we drove from Chobe to Savuti (a very long drive) but very worthwhile and we saw a lot of very beautiful animals. It was great to be with a group that gets so excited to see experience the beauty of Africa – something that not everyone gets during their lifetime. We saw elephants,migrates, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, and many more beautiful animals en route to Savuti National Park. I am very glad that we are here. On our way into the park we stumbled upon two lionesses and a male lion walking down the road as well as a leopard in the bush right as the sun is going down.

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