Balloons over Bagan & 3000 Pagodas

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5-6 October 2017

We visited the villages (both Lacuer and cotton shops) and participated in the special Lights Festival in the evening.  All the locals are on holiday, so the place is very busy.  Our guide (Kyi) made our experience very special, by inviting us to one of their family pagodas for the evening lighting.  After visiting the family pagoda we continued onward to a larger ‘community’ pagoda where we each lit candles and left them for Buddha.  In the evening Mr. Zen invited us to dinner – a special treat!

The next day we set out on the Road to Mandalay.  My mother described the ride in two words ‘Bumpy and Honky’.  We got a flat tire and stopped at a restaurant were they served Barking Deer and Duck Toe Salad.  To be safe we decided to just ordered a plate of cashews.  Along the road, kids line the side of the road – hoping that locals on their way back from Holidays will stop and give them money.  We also saw a lot of cows being herded by locals, of which our driver commented “those men are very rich”.

The World’s Largest Book is know as the Kuthodaw Pagoda and is located in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma).  There are so many monks there! Many boys become monks so they can receive an education, they give up everything to learn about Buddhism and basic education that is not available in the tribes. Education opens the doors of opportunity! All of our guides were monks in their youth so they could learn English and be educated!

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