Welcome Spring!

Hi – Kylie here!

I have taken a brief Hiatus from sharing my for the past several months as I underwent a move & the growth of my boutique tour company Acanela Expeditions. While life has been very busy, I am blessed that I have been able to spend some time with my family in the USA and take a brief break from being on the road. As Spring is approaching, I am anxious to start traveling again – making more beautiful friendships around the world!

One of my favorite holidays is Holi, a festival that takes place in the Spring in India and other Hindu communities around the world. This week I had the opportunity to celebrate Holi with my family and friends – and it had been one of the highlights of my Spring.

Holi is a celebration where all people come together, with buckets (or bags) of colorful chalk. This chalk is thrown in the air as people dance and sing to the beat of uplifting and joyful music. I am excited for the coming of spring & so many beautiful experiences to come.

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Smiles, Kylie

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