We are on the airplane – and are finally off on our next adventure! I spent the past several months busy with a browning business, so honestly it is so refreshing to be able to just take a moment to step away.

Our journey will take us 3 weeks across 3 different countries Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador (and the Galapagos). I have been to South America before, but it has been over a year – so I am very excited to be back! Our schedule is busy (as always) but we are excited to experience so many new & beautiful places! Our first stop will be La Paz, Bolivia – one of the highest elevation cities in the world (at over 10,000 feet). This will be my first time to Bolivia, and I am very excited! At the end of my stay my goal is to compile a country guide of my top cultural experiences, activities, eats, and accommodations so that you will be inspired to visit one day. After La Paz we will head to Lake Titicaca & Puno before continuing onwards to Peru.

As a young female traveler, it is my hope that I will inspire other young, solo, or female travelers to go forth in the world and change perspective. There is so much good out there, and I want all of you to see that. Make sure to subscribe to my blog, Instagram, & YouTube channel so you can follow me in real time as I adventure around the world for the next 3 weeks!



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