Did you know that lake Titicaca is the highest elevation lake in the world? The lake is surrounded by Bolivia on it’s southern side and Peru on it’s northern side and is the birth place of the Ancient Incan civilization.

We traveled overland from Copacabana, Bolivia to Puno, Peru and it was one of the most scenic rides of our trip. High mountains to our left and the beautiful Titicaca lake to our right. Floating villages dot the lake, and I definitely recommend taking the time to visit on of them!

The border crossing was smooth, and as always – the official commented on how many pages I have in my passport. It went someone like – “wow, I need to be with you – you’ve been places!” We arrived in Puno and checked into our beautiful hotel in the main city center, Tierra Viva, and had a beautiful morning exploring the city.

In the morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet. My favorite food in all of South America (especially Peru) is their delicious breakfast granola, made from puffed quinoa and other delicious grains! We were met by our guide in the morning, and taken to our speedboat to begin our island hopping journey. We stopped by 3 islands (one of which was a traditional floating village) and learned all about the culture, people, and way of living on the world’s highest and one of the world’s largest lakes.

The locals are very beautiful, dressing in bright colored skirts, boleros, hats, belts, and scarves. They are a culture that works hard & plays hard. If you live on a floating village, it will only last for 20-25 years so chances are that sometime during your lifetime you will have to completely rebuild your village.

We participated in a dance, and a hands-on cooking experience. Traditional people in this part of Peru cook all their food underground, so we were able to watch as the trout, chicken, potatoes, and beans were prepared and served.

I document our entire experience, so stay tuned for an upcoming video!

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