Are you familiar with the ancient floating villages in South America? Welcome to Lake Titicaca, a lake that spans from Bolivia to Peru and has more scenic views than any one person can take in on a single day. We deleted via bus from La Paz in the morning, crossed the lake via ferry, and arrived in Copacabana by the afternoon.

If you visit Bolivia, there are 3 places you should not miss out on: 1) La Paz City, 2) Yuni Salt Flats, and 2) Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. We did not have the chance to visit the salt flats during this visit, but I do want to stress that Yuni is a place that you should DEFINITELY put on your bucket list.

As we were visiting both Bolivia & Peru, we chose to visit Lake Titicaca – and were not disappointed. Copacabana is situated on the shores of the lake, with a beautiful lookout to the water from multiple places throughout the city. We chose to hike to a famous viewpoint, to see an aerial view of the picturesque town.

Following our brief hike (well needed after several hours in the bus) we continued onwards and to visit the city square & main cathedral. Copacabana’s cathedral is the most well known throughout Bolivia, and people come from all across the country to get married here. It was a special experience for us to be able to visit.

We visited the markets in the early evening, trying Bolivian popcorn, traditional soups, and other delicious eats which was a wonderful way to experience the cuisine of a different region of Bolivia.

We only have a few days in Bolivia (I wish we had more) but are glad that we were able to experience so much!

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