Today we spent a full day exploring the Cusco City, visiting the Cathedral, the market streets, and even had the opportunity to observe a festival (that usually happen on Saturdays and Sundays in the cities).

We had free time for lunch before returning to our hotel for a relaxing evening (or continuing to shop for souvenirs).

In the afternoon we were met by our chef for or cooking class and farewell dinner. We proceeded to the market where our bed shopped for the ingredients that we were to use to prepare our dishes. We learned how to prepare so many delicious dishes!

After our last delicious meal in Peru, we transferred to the the airport for our flight onwards to Ecuador (for the start of our Galapagos trip). We traveled via Lima, arriving in Guayaquil in the later afternoon. Flying over Ecuador was beautiful, as I would see all the beautiful waterways and jungles beneath me!

I was greeted at the hotel by the hotel driver, who helped me with my bags and gave me a little city tour on the way to our hotel in the city center. Our hotel is located right by the Malecon & Iguana Park (as the city center is only 10-15 minutes from the airport). I had a free evening to explore, grab dinner, and enjoy a leisure evening before departing to the Galapagos in the morning! I am so excited for the next adventure to come already!

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