Ceviche for breakfast? I’ll take 3!

This morning I had some time to walk around the City Center before heading to the national airport for the Galapagos.

A few tips, remember that you need to purchase a tourist card at the airport before you depart (located in the main terminal for $20 / person). The local currency in Ecuador is the USD, so if you are traveling from the USA – you will have nothing to worry about!

My flight departed at 11:50, arriving in the Galapagos 2 hours later (at 12:50 with the time change). They served a light lunch on the airplane, which was actually very well done and quite delicious! I arrived into a small, yet beautiful airport and was met by my guide holding an “Acanela” sign right as I entered the arrival hall.

Semilla Verde is a beautiful boutique hotel located on the main island of the Galapagos and it is absolutely stunning! There are giant tortoises walking all around the property, and they are so fun to watch!

I am hear with a small group of just 4 people, Susan, Chrissy, Katie, and myself and we are sure ready for an adventure!

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