25 September 

Today we departed Singapore for Sumatra! It is an hour and a half flight and a 4 hour drive to get to Bukit Luwang at the edge of the lesser Park where the Sumatran Orangutan still lives!  When we arrived at our Ecolodge it was pouring down rain and the lightning and thundering SO hard.

26 September

Today was incredible as we went Orangutan Trekking in Lesser National Park, the Park in Northern Sumatra known for its orangutan and elephant populations.  I am here with Susan, Lucinda, and Barbara – three wonderful ladies who I am excited to continue traveling with!  They are so full of excitement and adventure it has been so so so fun!

27 September

This morning we set off bright and early to Visit the Elephant Sanctuary in Tangkahan National Park, just north of Bukit Luwang where the Orangutans live.  We arrived after about 2 hours of driving on beautiful (yet bumpy Roads) and spent some time enjoying the beautiful scenic outlook over the River.  We were taken down to the Riverbank where a dozen majestic Adult Asian Elephants and their three little babies were washing themselves in the water.  These friendly elephants were rescued from loggers and are used to patrol the park with the rangers protecting the wild elephants from patching (as there aren’t any horses or cars in this part of the world).  It was an incredible experience and I was so glad to be able to share it with such incredible friends!

28 September 

Today we Depart Medan for Denpasar, Bali – my favorite Island in the world! Every time I come to Bali I have the feeling that I am going to live here one day.  It is such a beautiful and serene place with lots of adventures, wonderful people, and delicious food!  Ubud and Seminyak are two of my favorite places & I absolutely LOVE them!  It was a long travel day, as we left Sumatra at 6am this morning, drove 4 hours to the airport, flew 2 hours to Java; did a touchdown and flew 2 more hours to Bali.  But we are here and so excited for the adventures ahead of us!  This time I really want to convince Andrew that I want to live in Bali – such an amazing, amazing place!

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