28 September 2018

We arrived in Bali this evening after a full day of flying and were so thrilled when we arrived at our beautiful boutique hotel in Ubud – the Alaya.  We are a small group of 9 people, and we are looking forward to a wonderful trip!

29 September 2018

This morning we participated in a traditional Purification Ceremony, a special Chakras Reading, and busted one of Bali’s most majestic Waterfalls.

30 September

Our Cooking class today was complete with a tour of the spice garden and hands-on cooking in a Traditional Kitchen! In the afternoon we visited Monkey Temple and did a tour around Ubud City!

1 October 

 Balinese Temples are some of my favorite and today we visited Ulan Danu Temple, the UNESCO World Heritage Rice Terraces, and Ulu Watu Temple by the seaside!

2 October 

Do you know what is one of my favorite things to do in Bali?  Go dress shopping!  We had the morning free, so we spent time at the beach and shopping for some beautiful Balinese textiles and wood carvings!   In the afternoon we attended a traditional dance performance and dined on a delicious dinner!

3 October

It was an incredible day complete with a Snorkeling Day Trip to Nusa Penida Island (a nearby island known for it’s beautiful reefs).  We saw a Manta Ray, Turtle, and so many beautiful fish!

4 October

I can’t believe the trip went by so fast!  Today we Departed to Singapore to connect with our flights onwards to home! Until next time Bali – I will be back!

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